People working on colourful garmets in bright airy factory

Our Vision.

We are passionate about supporting girls to have the same opportunities as boys. We strive to end period stigma, normalise menstruation and give girls and menstruators the equal opportunities they deserve.

Group of girls standing under a tree holding up brightly coloured cloth pads.

What We Do.

We tackle misconceptions, build knowledge, understanding and support around sexual reproductive health, rights and menstrual hygiene management.

The Kujuwa Initiative educates in schools, after school clubs and residential camps, teaching girls and boys, teachers and families about sexual reproductive health, rights and menstrual hygiene management.

We employ women to produce our washable sanitary pads using fabric waste from the SOKO Kenya Clothing Factory and donate them to girls alongside training.

Our team encourages girls to respect their body, to fight for equality and to aspire to a great future.

Colourful pads both wrapped up and open

The Kujuwa Pad.

The Kujuwa sanitary pad is a KEBS certified high quality, reusable pad that enables girls and menstruators to manage their periods safely.

All our pads come with removable flannel liners, increasing absorbency for the heaviest of flow. They are super easy to wash, and will provide a girl with up to three years worth of protection.

Girls with yellow kujawa kits

The Kujuwa Kit.

The Kujuwa Kit Includes:

  • Two Kujuwa sanitary pads
  • Two flannel liners
  • Two pairs of underwear
  • Two washable dry bags
  • One bar of locally made soap
  • One washable Kujuwa Initiative KIT bag