Aug 21, 2023 |

Introducing the captivating "Eyes Wide Open Fundraising Campaign," a powerful collaboration between Kujuwa Initiative and renowned illustrator Miriam Latimer. We decided to combine art and advocacy to shine a light on the pressing issue of period poverty in Kenya.

At the heart of this campaign lies an eye-catching design, carefully crafted by the talented Miriam Latimer. The eye symbolises our unwavering mission to combat period poverty and bring awareness to its widespread impact on young girls in Kenya.

With every purchase, you play a vital role in making a difference. Proceeds from this campaign will go to the Kujuwa Initiative and our work to transform lives.

Your generous contribution will be channeled towards providing reusable sanitary pads and delivering essential menstrual health training in schools.

Through "Eyes Wide Open," we aspire to foster change and elevate the lives of countless girls facing the challenges of period poverty. Stand with us in solidarity, advocate for change, and support the girls of Kenya in pursuing their dreams without the burden of period-related challenges.

Together, we can create a lasting impact and bring about a brighter tomorrow for girls in Kenya.

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