Oct 24, 2022 | Kujuwa Initiative

In 2019 Pauline was one of the young women who went through our training programme and received one of our Kujuwa kits. Pauline was selected as a peer leader and took part in our residential camp. Pauline is a cheerful, motivated young woman; she is also a talented singer and poet through which she eloquently conveys the realities of her life.

Before joining the Kujuwa Initiative programme, her lack of knowledge about menstruation and limited access to sanitary pads meant Pauline would spend several days out of school each month. She feared the embarrassment of staining her clothes and the lack of support from her peers meant she chose not to fully take part in class.

Our team caught up with her again through our school follow-ups in late 2020. They learnt that with the knowledge she gained through the training and her Kujuwa kit, she now attends school the whole month. She is currently a candidate for the national examinations and has gained more confidence by helping peers and approaching teachers for revision materials. She has even written a song about the Kujuwa Initiative that advises and encourages young school-going girls to uphold positive values, prioritising their education and being proud of themselves.